Connecting to MariaDB

I’m a total newb at unRaid. Still getting my feet wet. I had once used xammp to run a website locally. I actually did this testing modifications first before making them live. What I’m trying to do is restore my phpbb forum that my club no longer uses. I was able to restore the backed up databse to mariadb. I have the forum files in the /mnt/user/appdata/nginx/www folder. I changed the config.php for the forum to “point”(?) to the database.

// phpBB 3.0. Portal XL auto-generated configuration file
// Do not change anything in this file!
$dbms = 'mysqli';
$dbhost = '';
$dbport = '88';
$dbname = 'test';
$dbuser = 'xxxx';
$dbpasswd = 'xxxxxxxxxxxxxx';

$table_prefix = 'phpbb_';
$acm_type = 'file';
$load_extensions = '';

@define('PHPBB_INSTALLED', true);
// @define('DEBUG', true);
// @define('DEBUG_EXTRA', true);

The favicon icon shows up on the chrome tab, but I end up with a “504 Gateway Time-out”. I do have mariadb and nginx on thier own network “mariadb”. I’m only at looking at running this board local for now. Not sure how to get the forum to communicate to mariadb to pull the info. Thanks

you will probably want to set this to the container_name and the INTERNAL mariadb port. What you have there will make it NAT out from the docker bridge and then NAT back in. You’ll also want to verify your user test has a host that allows connections from the docker bridge subnet.

Sorry been busy. I’ll give that a shot. Not sure I get the NAT out and back in thing.

It’s just how it will work with what you’ve done. You told it to connect to an ip on your docker host, nats to docker host, docker host says oh, port 88? thats this container, nats to container…

if you use a shared custom bridge and put mariadb (container_name) as $dbhost, it just goes directly and never leaves the bridge network.

Thanks. After re-reading your post it things became clear. I was able to get my site up locally.

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