Container for Logitech Media Server aka SqueezeBox Server aka SlimServer


Any chance of a container for Logitech Media Server (formerly known as SqueezeBox Server and SlimServer).

Despite Logitech discontinuing the hardware line, there are still a number of people using the server to manage and distribute their music. The hardware players still work well, and there are software players for a number of platforms. There is also a distribution available to configure a Raspberry Pi with appropriate DAC as a player for the system.

The user forums are still very active, and the software receives regular updates by a Logitech employee.




Logitech Media Server


Logitech Media Server (aka. LMS, fka. SlimServer, SqueezeCenter, SqueezeboxServer, SliMP3)

Anyone interested in looking at this? I spoke with j0nnymoe on Discord about it, and he seemed to take an interest initially.



I am working on it. I’ve taking this app to a parts in Vagrant and understand of configuration and all plugins in this app.Now I’m in a middle of docker container part. For couple of weeks I was unable to take care of it because of busy time.

That’s great news. Looking forward to seeing the results.



Hi zetneteork - it sounded promising, how did it go?

Hi guys,

Sorry to just bump this one. Would be very much interested in this one as well.


Would also be very interested. Seems like this would be a good fit with the many other offerings from LinuxServer…

While it is an old app for sure, it remains the most functional of music servers I’ve ever come across (roon seems close, but is not free…) - and there are many OS hardware and software projects born of it… Also, many of us are still very happily running the actual SB hardware,almost 20 years on…in its day, it was a remarkable project.

There’s some dockers of interest that might help move things along… (probably the most complete, by X86 only) (multi-arch)

In essence the docker part, from the app perspective, is really just forwarding a few ports and mounting some config areas and media area.

Is there anything I/we can do to help things along?

Probably a better link is - - this would currently give you 7.9.3 nightlies, which are essentially the stable line of the current version (there’s also an in-progress V8, but that’s a lot less stable).

This would definitely be a fantastic addition. Looking forward to this one :slight_smile:

I’m wondering about this one. Docker Hub is available. For Gotify gotify.subdomain.conf.sample and gotify.subfolder.conf.sample is provided by SWAG but no image. To get Logitech Media Server running is a *.subdomain.conf.sample and *.subfolder.conf.sample all that is needed?