COPS does not recognize metadata.db

Hey Guys,
I’m trying to set up cops on a raspberry pi4, I used your image with docker compose.
Calibre database is placed in /data/media/books/lib directory.
Inside docker-compose.yml file I have set up the volume as follow:

  • /data/media/books/lib:/books

I’m managing the container with portainer, when I log into the container and I list the content of the books/ directory inside the container I can see the “metadata.db” file but when I run the URL to get the cops main page it fails with the “COPS configuration check” with

File /books/metadata.db not found, Please check

Any thought on this? I have the standard installation, this is the docker-compose that I have used:

image: linuxserver/cops:latest
container_name: cops
- TZ=${TZ}
- UMASK_SET=002 #optional
- UMASK=002
- ${USERDIR}/docker/cops:/config
- ${USERDIR}/data/media/books/lib:/books
- 9013:80
restart: unless-stopped

Other containers are correctly working with the variables above.
Docker-compose version: 1.21.0
Container version number: version:- 1.1.3-ls49 Build-date:- 2020-04-08T08:39:06+00:00
Image version number: version:- 1.1.3-ls49 Build-date:- 2020-04-08T08:39:06+00:00

Thanks in dvance for your help!

Probably permission issues on the metadata.db file.
What is the permissions on the file?
And which user have you set in PUID and PGID?

Please provide the real values and not variables when posting your compose. It makes it hard to troubleshoot when we don’t have all the information.