Could not open input file

Hi, I keep getting the following error when trying to access the nextcloud webpage:

Could not open input file: /app/www/public/cron.php

When I go into the container and look under the /app directory there is only a single tar file and not even the www directory.

Any help you have on restoring my container to a working state would be great!

Please provide the following information so we can help with supporting your issue:

  • Output of uname -mr && docker version && docker compose version
  • Hardware (ex: Dell R730, VM, Raspberry Pi 3b, Synology DS916+)
  • Docker command or compose snippet
  • Container logs (Please use hastebin to post these) beginning with our ASCII logo
  • Describe the issue you’re having with the container, ie what happens when you try to access it, what used to happen, what did you change that broke it.

As a note, it sounds like something went wrong and you should restore a backup, but we need the above info to know

Hi driz,

Thank you for the quick response. I have solved the issue by rolling back the docker version to a major version of 24 and then slowly stepping forward by updating nextcloud from the command line and then moving the docker version to 25, etc. until I got to the latest version.

I think the issue stemmed from me originally getting an error with the PHP version so I decided to update the docker container to latest but forgot to check if the nextcloud version inside the container was up to date.

Again thanks for the quick response and I am glad to know I can count on you guys for help!