Custom settings and updates

I’m new here as well as using docker/linuxserver.

I’m still confused about the image updates (pull) regarding custom settings I might have put in place.

Let’s say that I changed piwigo’s php.ini file and later I update the image.

Will the changes I did to php-ini be preserved or will they be lost?

This is a bit of a minefield but it’s only a very tiny minefield. For most containers I’ve ever used the config files don’t get overwritten unless there was a bug in the original. Usually when this happens the change log will have a section labelled “breaking changes”. In fact - it’s always a good idea to read the section called “breaking changes” for any upgrades you do. But - to your original point - in 99.99999% of cases it will leave your config files alone.

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If it’s in the config folder, it will be preserved. If you exec’ed in and changed something inside the container, it will be lost.

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Thanks all.

Both answers reinforce the need to have a backup system in place, as in