Deluge has wrong guide

Two things are wrong with this image:
1- There is no port mapping in its usage example
2- Deluge downloads go to /root/Downloads by default, but in the parameters part default download folder is /downloads/ which is wrong and after setting up deluge, download folder must be changed manually to /downloads/ using deluge web interface.

Because it uses host networking.

This is already explained in the readme

How can I open webui without port mapping? I have deluge on a linux server.

If you’ve used host networking as per our readme, it passes all ports through to the host.
Also, in the application setup section of the readme, it tells you the URL with port to visit.

It wasn’t working and just by doing everything again now it works :rofl: thanks

It would be good if a list of ports that are used by deluge was in its description, in case anyone needs to change ports and do port mapping.

you can’t do port mapping in host mode and we wouldn’t support it if you didn’t do host mode. You can find the ports required on the app website.

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