Deluge on Synology not seeding

Hi, I recently purchased a Synology DS418play and have been getting it set up for what I want and it’s pretty much all done at the moment apart from one thing. I’ve got deluge set up and it’s all working apart from one thing. It’s not seeding torrents or when it does it does it very slowly. I’m running the linuxserver/deluge:latest container image.

My deluge is setup in a docker container (which I’m not really experienced with) and it downloads fine, but after that nothing. I’ve tried changing the “Move completed downloads folder” directory but that hasn’t worked, I’ve read about the ItConfig plugin and tried installing that but it doesn’t show up in the preferences menu.

Any ideas on a fix or what could be causing this? I’ll attach some photos of my configs for hopefully everything relevant which might help. Cheers