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I’ve rebuilt my entire htpc using all Linuxserver dockers, but I have one thing I can’t figure out for the life of me. I’ve always used autoremoveplus to keep my deluge cleared of downloads after a period (like a kind person), but I can’t get any plugins to install in the latest deluge container.
Preferences->Plugins->Install - Then selecting the Autoremoveplus.egg file (tried both 2.6 and 2.7) and it shows “[object FileList]” in the selection box. I hit install, for two seconds it appears deluge is uploading the plug, then nothing.

Going into the Deluge config/plugins shows a folder named [object FileList] and inside there is the .egg file, but it doesn’t really do anything. I’ve also tried installing the deluge-GTK on my Ubuntu and connected the thinclient up and attemted to upload plugins as well - no luck.

Expectation: Either a simple fix that I’m being stupid and missing to get plugins working / Someone telling me a simple way to have deluge stop seeding and then sonarr/radarr removing the torrent and all files.

I’m having the exact same problem so any help would definitely be appreciated.

Deluge v2 doesnt support plugins yet, iirc. You can change the tag to use v1.

Thank you for the headsup. I hadn’t realized V2 was so new that the 3rd party plugins haven’t been rewritten for python3. You would have to revert to the last V1 of the container. If running a 64bit system, use pull linuxserver/deluge:amd64-5b398f77-ls22 to get the most recent V1.

Close ticket.

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