Deluge/qbittorrent arm v7 docker image


I have a banana pi with arm v7 and I am trying to install a docker image in portainer.
The docker hub says it supports AMR but I can’t download it because I get an error:

deluge failed to deploy a stack: deluge Pulling no matching manifest for linux/arm/v7 in the manifest list entries

I don’t know what the issue is, supposedly there is a declaration that it supports arm and can’t find it. Please help

It doesn’t show that we support armv7:

We dropped support for this platform back in July 32-bit Arm Deprecation Notice | Info ::

Yep likely due to we have old armv7 packages there.

I understand, this is good for me, I will install an older version. I understand lastest it is:


Yes, it’s very old, has not had any security patches, and never will. You should instead use a 64bit operating system unless you enjoy mining monero for other people :smiley:

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