Deluge webui not connect to daemon

I run deluge container and allows webui not connect to daemon with error
[ERROR ][deluge.ui.web.json_api :438 ] Unable to connect to daemon, check host_id “” is correct.
i change the to host ip & published dns but not working

also i can connect to daemon from transdroid from my mobile

my container :

docker create --name=deluge --network=abayoumy -e PUID=1000 -e PGID=1000 -p 8112:8112 -p 58846:58846 -p 58846:58846/udp -e TZ=Asia/Riyadh -e UMASK_SET=022 -e DELUGE_LOGLEVEL=error -v /media/MediaHDD/docker/deluge:/config -v /media/MediaHDD/Downloads:/downloads --restart unless-stopped linuxserver/deluge

i need bridge network to proxy deluge from letsencrypt :frowning:

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@abayoumy I’m seeing the same issue. Did you ever resolve this?

Edit: Solved by clearing the “default_daemon” in web.conf.