Digest does not match for linuxserver/unifi-controller

I am a happy user of the container linuxserver/unifi-controller, I have no problem with the container as such. My question is this: when I check the digest (“RepoDigest”) of the pulled image, it does not match the reported digest at hub.docker.com.

For instance:
The latest amd64 image at hub.docker.com has a digest of sha256:25225f…
However, if I pull this image and check the digest

docker image ls linuxserver/unifi-controller --digests
REPOSITORY                     TAG                 DIGEST                IMAGE ID            CREATED             SIZE
linuxserver/unifi-controller   latest              sha256:03d006...   5475f80e49f8        3 days ago          533MB

Am I missing something here? I have not seen this behavior with other docker images.

It’s probably an API change at docker hub that is the issue. There was a problem with unraid always thinking there was an update for some containers and the reason was an API change.

So it might be you are using an old docker version that uses the wrong command to get the digest.

I don’t have the link to the unraid bug report, but go to their forum and check the bug reports for stable releases and you should be able to find the thread.

That’s it, thank you!

Here is the thread (maybe it helps anyone else with the same problem):

Now my check-if-there-are-new-images-available-script works again.

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