Diskover container

I’m currently using this multi-container image via docker-compose successfully. The latest version of diskover gives the option to run multiple elasticsearch containers. I’m unable to get the syntax in the docker-compose.yml file or docker-compose command correctly to start multiple elasticsearch containers

The following command

docker-compose up --scale elasticsearch=2 -d

kind of works but there is a conflict as to where it tries to store the elasticsearch data locally and only one container stays online. I’m pretty sure this is just me not familiar enough with docker commands, but if scaling up multiple containers in this particular set up is even possible, can we get a hint in the docs?

You need to define the multiple elasticsearch multiple times using different names. Also different ports and appdata/config mount if needed.
This is basic docker things that is too basic to add in the docs for specific containers. We don’t want too much in the Readme, as that will just lead to people not reading it.