DNS A records for validation SWAG

I have one domain, lets call it myhappydomain .com
In that domains DNS there are a number of records, some pointing to my location and some to my serviceprovider google.
Setting up SWAG it wants me to create an A record for the domain and point that to my location.
My problem is that I already have a number of A records pointing to google and not to my location.
I have other A record(s) in that domain pointing to my location, but none on the domain.

If this is only used during setup for validation I can remove my current A records, create one A record and point that to my location and complete my SWAG setup and then remove that record and re-create the old records and everything would be fine? Or are these records periodicly used for renewing or creating new certs?

Is there another way to do it or is this just fine?

A records should point to IPs of the servers. If you already have A records set up correctly, you don’t need to change anything.

For instance, if you have A records for myhappydomain.com and nextcloud.myhappydomain.com, both pointing to the server hosting SWAG, and you set URL=myhappydomain.com and SUBDOMAINS=nextcloud, you’re good.

Well thats the problem, my A records on the myhappydomain .com all point to google… so I’ll remove them, add an A redord on the domain that ponts ty my SWAG image and then re-create the records.
What I am worried about is renewal and things like that…

If anyone who creates the image reads this, one good option would be to add the functionality to look for an a record in the domain and if that exists use that IP to find the SWAG server… maybe an A record named swag.myhappydomain .com. That way it might be easier for some of us :slight_smile:

A record tells all clients what address to connect to the webserver at. Why would you have them point to google if you’re not running swag on google? Your domain should be pointing to swag.

You need to explain your use case more clearly so we can understand what it is you’re trying to do.

I run some services with google, like public websites, mail and collaboration (Google Workspace).
Other things I run at my location, this is where I’m setting up SWAG.
You can view it like I have a datacenter, google have a datacenter, I split my services between them so I have two locations but one domain and one organisation.

So in dns for myhappydomain .com I have records pointing to google for those services and other records pointing to my location for those services. And the A records for the domain all points to google, since if you only type myhappydomain .com without the www. stuff you should end up on the website for myhappydomain .com.

So… the way the image now identifies where SWAG is would break in my case, if there was a simple way to add A record like swag or something to the domain, if that was found use it, if not do it like you are doing it now - that would solve it for people who have more than one location or services split using DNS.

I hope I did explain it somewhat understandable?
And hey, thanks for taking the time :slight_smile:

For any address you want accessible via swag, their A record (or CNAME) needs to point to the server that’s running swag. Everything else can point wherever else.

You shouldn’t need to change any dns records after setting up swag.