Docker-based OpenVPN Server with more than 2 simultaneous connections?

Hoping someone can help me out. I run a personal server and am interested to setup an openVPN server that would allow ~5 simultaneous clients. It looks like OpenVPN-AS is limited to 2 simultaneous connections without paying for a business license. Am I right on that, and if so does someone have a recommendation on another docker image that’ll allow more than 2 connections? Thanks!

Openvpn-AS is a commercial enterprise product (closed source) and the free tier only allows 2 connections.

You can look for an image with the regular open source openvpn and configure that with as many users as you would like.

But my recommendation would be to switch to wireguard instead:
It’s much faster and is open source

Thanks for the quick response. I’m using routers as clients and they only support openVPN, so unfortunately wireguard is off the table for now.

I’ve tried a couple images with the regular openvpn and they’ve all some quirky behavior, and so I’m interested to see if anyone has recommendations on a specific image to try.

In case anyone stumbles onto this post, I spent awhile testing different OpenVPN docker images and settled on this one:

It was by-far the easiest to setup. I also setup a simple VPN monitor to go with it: