Docker calibre-web Problem enabling gmail account with OAUTH2 verification

I’m a happy user of linuxserver/calibre-web. I’ve just downloaded and started the latest version (0.6.12) which brings the opportunity to enable gmail account with OAUTH2 verification instead of standard SMTP email configuration, but when I try to enable it the service freezes.
I’ve followed the instructions of calibre-web project Setup Mailserver · janeczku/calibre-web Wiki · GitHub, created the gmail.json file and bind it into /app/calibre-web/gmail.json. Then I start the docker-compose, access through the UI /admin/mailsettings and choose “Gmail Account with OAuth2 Verification”, but when I click on the button “Setup Account as E-mail Server”, the spinner is running forever and nothing works anymore.

  • No messages are shown in docker-compose.logs or calibre-web.log.
  • After a loooong time I’ve got a generic error from apache which is running as proxy balancer (Proxy error…proxy server could not handle the request… Reason: error readin from remote server)
  • Even going inside the container and making a curl localhost:8083 request I have the same result. (It runs fine if I do it before trying to enable gmail conf)

The only solution to bring back to live is stop container and run it again with docker-compose.

Any advice here? somewhere when I can look for additional logs? Someone has configured successfully that service?

BTW this is my docker-compose.yml (very generic I would say):

version: "2"
    container_name: calibre-web
      - PUID=1001
      - PGID=1001
      - TZ=Europe/Madrid
      - DOCKER_MODS=linuxserver/calibre-web:calibre
      - /srv/calibre-web/config:/config
      - /srv/calibre-web/books:/books
      - /srv/calibre-web/config/gmail.json:/app/calibre-web/gmail.json
    restart: unless-stopped

I just tested and also had isssues. Here is the feedback
hastebin - onepeponep

this was during the oauth link portion to an existing account, i didnt make it to a login attempt.

this failure was after following the changes mentioned in
Google Oauth error · Issue #1998 · janeczku/calibre-web (

as a note, in case you didnt know, you cant use oauth to login until you login normally and link your oauth account (this is per user, an admin can’t do it)

--------- it looks like a change is that calibre-web must be launched with the environment variable OAUTHLIB_RELAX_TOKEN_SCOPE which it looks like we dont mention in our readme yet.

to work around this issue, modify your compose and under environment, add

then it will work. I just tested myself and was able to link the account, logout, login with google.

i’ve submitted
Cweb google oauth readme updates by drizuid · Pull Request #151 · linuxserver/docker-calibre-web (
to update the documentation to make this simpler for users.