Docker-compose -f docker-compose.yml pull nextcloud leaves me at container 20.0.3-ls111

I’m trying to update the docker continer for my nextcloud instance so that I can get PHP up to scratch. Since I’ve just been updating nextcloud within the web-based app updater, I’m still back at build 20.0.3-ls111. Seems like a simple pull will draw in the new image, but when I try docker-compose -f docker-compose.yml pull nextcloud it just gives me a quick “done” and leaves me at the same level. Any ideas as to what I might be missing here? Docker compose is already pointing to “latest”:

    container_name: nextcloud

That’s by design, all explained here how to update nextcloud itself: GitHub - linuxserver/docker-nextcloud

Thanks for this quick reply - but I do understand that pulling the container won’t update nextcloud. I’m trying to update the container itself to something more recent, e.g. Release 25.0.2-ls215 · linuxserver/docker-nextcloud · GitHub

Sorted it - in case anyone else comes on here with the same issue:

docker-compose -f docker-compose.yml up -d --force-recreate --build nextcloud

…did the trick.