Docker Compose - qBitTorrent WebUI Login Issues

Server info - Proxmox running on a mini PC. Ubuntu is installed on a VM and docker compose has already been installed properly and running.

With brand new docker container using the docker compose below, I can’t login with the default admin/adminadmin as it states invalid login credentials. Not sure if it’s a permissions issue, but I’m accessing all the files locally.

image: ‘
container_name: qbittorrent
- TZ=America/New_York
- PUID=1000
- PGID=137
- ./containers:/config
- /mnt/downloads:/downloads
- 9865:9865
restart: unless-stopped

the qbittorrent blog tells you what to do (and mentioned this would happen a month ago)
you will need to move to an older tag, change your password, and then upgrade.

That did the trick, thank you so much. I kept messing around with permissions, searching the web, but couldn’t find anything. After I installed 4.5.5 from 1 month ago, changed the username/password in the UI, then changed my docker compose to latest, it works great. Thanks again driz.

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my pleasure, we’ve been seeing this a lot since the new release :slight_smile:

Thanks for asking and answering this question for me. My first dabble with qbittorrent and I couldn’t even get in.

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