Docker-emulatorjs high bandwidth consumption?

Hello there,

I have been using a Synology DS220+ with docker and portainer for some time.
And I tried installing and using docker-emulatorjs without a problem.
Until I noticed a real slow down on my network.

As it turned out, docker-emulatorjs was using 9-15% of the DS220+ cpu because of the IPFS daemon.
And a significant share of the bandwidth while I wasn’t even using the emulator.
I suspect the IPFS P2P network to distribute frontend artwork is the one responsible to the bandwidth consumption.

Is it a normal behaviour ?
Or did I screw up the configuration ?

I found the problem :sweat::
I added network_mode: bridge to my portainer stack.

Once removed, the docker-emulatorjs container is now working fine on its own network.

Nope, the problem still stands.
I just switch off the container when not using it.