Docker-nextcloud: Adding onlyoffice-document-server - Unknown error

I’m running and added a mariadb container for the database. It is working perfectly fine.
I’m trying to add a container based on onlyoffice/documentserver:latest to use the online editing integration with the ONLYOFFICE app. I took the configuration for the container out of the docker-compose.yml file provided by OnlyOffice ( The container is up and reachable over HTTPs and I did update the URL for ONLYOFFICE in the configuration section in NextCloud.
The settings were accepted by the form and I’m able to start online editing for office documents by clicking on them, or I can create new ones with the (+) button.
The ONLYOFFICE component does load and is displayed, however I get a popup with the message Unknown error. which leaves me with a OK button that redirects me to the document list.

I’m not sure where I can look and debug since I have no idea what the error is caused by.
Any hints are greatly appreciated.
Has anyone successfully deployed docker-nextcloud with onlyoffice/documentserver or is it better to switch to the docker-compose.yml file provided by OnlyOffice?

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This is how we’re running it:

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Thank you @aptalca, I had to adopt the header config since I’m using traefik as the edge-router instead of nginx based on this post:

Beside that, your config is working for me now.

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Does linux server maintain a Docker 00 image, or is this rolled into your nextcloud docker?

No, we run the official image, see the link from @aptalca above

Would you mind sharing your solution? I have been breaking my head over getting OnlyOffice DocumentServer to work via Docker Compose with Traefikv2. The err.log of Document Server is empty. All looks well. But when I try to open a document I also get the unknown error.

We don’t support traefik. It works with our swag image with the basic reverse proxy conf

I am replying to him because this topic, that he started, is about getting it to work with Traefik. And he posted he got it working:

(…) I had to adopt the header config since I’m using traefik as the edge-router instead of nginx based on this post

The post he is referring to, I have no clue how he used that information to change his setup.

oops, missed that on mobile. Never mind me then :grimacing: