Docker on Ubuntu Server with Root on ZFS

Does anyone have experience with setting up a Docker server on Ubuntu Server installed on ZFS (i.e. root on zfs)?

The result seems to differ. Many have run with this without issues for several years, while others experience issues.

I’d still like to try it out though and use mirroring for root partition (2 x 512GB M.2 SSD drives), but I think instead of using the whole disk(s), if feasible, that I should partition out a section for Docker volumes and the /home directory (this is where I am planning to keep the container bind mounts and config files) so that I do no loose this data if something is messed up with the OS.

This is very new territory for me though. I have seen some mention of people doing something similar, but no concrete examples or guides, so I’m not sure where to start, how to size the partitions etc. so any input or comments are appreciated.

Bump :slight_smile:

Seeing it has been 20 days and no answer, nobody here is doing it this way.

Strange. I thought using ZFS was quite common.

Not among our users.
I guess it’s more common among users with a homelab and big servers. Not users having a smal NAS, Rpi or a small desktop build turned into NAS.
You will probably get more help if posting on a home server forum or freenas forum.