Docker tvheadend image: streamlink support request

Docker tvheadend image: streamlink support request

In the last few days I have tried to integrate the free Pluto TV and Samsung TV Plus playlists into tvheadend. With Sansung TV Plus I had no problem, a simple ffmpeg pipe://... command was enough. With Pluto TV I have had more problems, Pluto TV uses two playlists, one with ads and one without ads, and it is also very sensitive to the value of the client parameters and the user agent value of the web requests. The worst to integrate in tvheadend is the playlist with ads, no ffmpeg command seems to work well, in the end I tried to use the xteve proxy decoding with cvlc and also using ffmpeg pipe://... in tvheadend, the results are not bad but sometimes they are not good either.

I have tried using streamlink pipe://... but since I am using docker linuxserver/tvheadend this is tricky. Finally inside the linuxserver/tvheadend container I have executed the commands

apk add py3-pip
apk add py3-wheel
pip wheel --wheel-dir=/root/wheels streamlink==2.3.0
pip install --no-index --find-links=/root/wheels streamlink

and streamlink has been installed in my container linuxserver/tvheadend, every time I reinstall this container I must execute these commands.

The result has been fantastic, streamlink pipe://… works very well, rather perfect operation, much better than ffmpeg pipe://… for HLS playlists and allows updating the old tvheadend server.

Taking into account that I am not a programmer, just a more or less advanced user, I ask the linuxserver team to include streamlink in the linuxserver/tvheadend images, this will allow updating this old server.

Thank you very much for the excellent work of the linuxserver team.

Thanks! Solved here and explained here TVHlink: Livestreams as IPTV channels with TVHeadend and Streamlink - CGomesu