Docker TVHeadend PICONS help support

I have been using tvheadend for over two years now and never had any major configuration issues where I couldn’t find a solution. Now I have installed docker linuxserver/tvheadend on my LibreELEC x86_64 device and I have had to solve the problem of (1) adding my own epg grabbers and (2) adding my own png icons of the TV channels. I have also mounted “/storage” and “/media” in my tvheadend container to access all my storage from docker container.

My epg grabbers in docker container are at:


My picons in docker container are at:


In container boot I run the command:

docker exec -it tvheadend cp -upr /storage/.config/scripts/tv_grab* /usr/bin

My grabbers work great and I see the epg of all the countries they are configured for. My picons are not in /picons but in /storage/.config/picons/tvh, all configured same as tvheadend42 LE addon

PROBLEM: I CANNOT SEE THE ICONS OF THE TV CHANNELS when using kodi with docker container but yes with tvheadend42 addon, and I think it is not a configuration problem. For example, the AXN channel icon is set to: file:///storage/.config/picons/tvh/axn.png. I am amazed because this always worked well for me.


Note.- As I can enable the tvheadend42 addon and disable the tvheadend container of my choice, I choose the tvheadend42 addon, it gives me no problems. I have gone through all the configuration files and have come to the conclusion that all tvheadend43 versions are buggy, including docker linuxserver/tvheadend.


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