Dokuwiki - Can't save admin settings in the Configuration Manager

Hi. I just got dokuwiki set up. I can save page content, but I can’t save any configuration settings (from Admin->Configuration Manager). When I click Save, nothing happens, and nothing changes. No errors. I’m using the superuser account.

I checked docker-compose logs as well as /path/to/dokuconfig/dokuwiki/log/php/ and I don’t see any errors.

My environment (this may not be ideal, I’ve run into a few weird issues in the past):

I have swag running as user swag (id 1003)
I have dokuwiki running as user lsio (id 1001)
docker-compose up -d executed from root (id 0)

Dokuwiki is configured to use my lsio network which is shared by swag

When I first set up dokuwiki, there were symlinks pointing /config/dokuwiki/(inc/vendor) -> /app/dokuwiki/(inc/vendor). These directories didn’t exist at first, but I created them and chowned them to 1001:1001

version: "2"
    image: linuxserver/dokuwiki:latest
    container_name: dokuwiki
    restart: unless-stopped
      - TZ=America/Chicago 
      - PUID=1001 
      - PGID=1001 
      - /home/lsio/dokuwiki:/config
      - 443/tcp
      - 80/tcp
      name: lsio

My dokuwiki.php and local.php permissions are set to 644 and owned by the 1001 user (as well as the containing directory /config/dokuwiki/conf). When I ran the initial install.php, it created the local.php settings just fine. So I’m not sure why I’m having trouble making changes now.

Any ideas? Thank you

UPDATE: I found someone with the exact same issue, and a solution was provided, but I don’t understand what’s being explained (particularly the bold part). Anyone make sense of this?

Found the answer, open_basedir wasn’t enough. I needed to override php-fpm to explicitly set the ReadWriteDirs to point to the path to the config directory (both /etc/webapps/dokuwiki and /usr/share/webapps/dokuwiki/conf and then I could edit the config!)