Domoticz wrong stable version

I think a mistake was made with the Domoticz image.
I’m running the ‘stable-4.9700’ tag however when I open it it says Version: 4.9699.
Further more on the about page it shows ‘Compile Date: 2018-06-23 16:18:06’ while shows the latest Stable build to be Version 4.9700 build available since 2018-06-24.
Could you check this?

[ Other than this I really appreciate the work you guys are doing, keep it up! ]

The release on github was on the 23rd. Why it’s saying 4.9699 in the webgui I’m not quite sure of as we are cloning the git repo using 4.9700 seen here
Check the top of the file for the variable.
I have to build this locally just to check. I’ll do it tomorrow evening.

Edit: Just checked a git clone and we are using what domoticz tagged as 4.700. So it looks like it’s a domotics issue.

Okay, then the problem is with Domoticz.
Maybe I’ll report this with them.
Thank you for checking this out.

I’ll have to check it here first, but didn’t get time today and domoticz take some time to build. So just hold on reporting it to Domoticz.

No problem, I’m short on time too :wink:

I have been testing a little bit here and it looks like it’s Domoticz that is doing some weird stuff regarding versions. Pulling the 4.9700 release from github still results in 4.9699. Downloding the tar.gz source code for the 4.9700 release on github gives me version 4.5876 :confused:
So I changed the version in the source file appversion.default to 9800 (It excludes the 4.) and built again. Now the display is 4.9800 :slight_smile:
If you hoover the mouse over the version number it should show a build hash, which here is b97777b for version 4.9700.
Pulling from github master during build and it shows version 4.9701… So I might change to building from master instead of the tagged release for this version. Then you don’t get that nagging update notification.

If I check out the master branch appversion.default and it shows 9700 for me, but I havent compiled and run it.
Other then that it does seem Domoticz has not been a bit messy regarding tags and version-numbers.
Using the master branch for the stable builds might solve it although the only difference seems to be these two commits.

Either way, thnx for looking it up!

Yes the app version.default shows 9700, but once built the webgui shows 4.9701. So not sure where that snuck in.