DoubleCommander no go for me in UNRAID

So I installed it, container starts fine, but when I try to see the GUI this pops up and nothing else…


Where: UNRAID 6.11.0.
How: Installed through Community Apps.
Other details: Set WebUI port to 3003 (as that was free).

I saw the FAQ and I don’t see what is related to my issue.

Add the libseccomp bit listed in the section I linked to

UNRAID (which is based on Slackware) uses docker 20.10.17.
Also I have no control of the template that makes up docker compose to add the parameter I see in the FAQ.

Seems this is over my current knowledge level on UNRAID and docker.
Thanks anyway.

EDIT: I actually added that as an “extra parameter” and seems to work.
(yet FAQ should be updated to cover the extra cases it applies to)

Unraid faqs from the unraid forums do cover this. We are not unraid. either way, we are glad our faq helped you solve your issue.