DuckDNS getting IP address that is different that what my IP address is

On new ISP. GloFiber. If I google “what is my IP” I get one iP. Lets say “X”. If I log into my router and look at my ip, it is different, lets say “Y”. If I plug in the “Y” ip address into containers, everything works fine. If I use “X”, nothing works.

Duckdns is showing my ip to be “X” which means nothing works. Why are they different? How do I fix it? I assume it has something to do with being on a new ISP.

Is it possible your ISP uses NAT? Based on how TCP works there should be no way for an IP checker to get it wrong.

I have satellite internet service that’s like that; the IP visible to the internet is not the same IP my modem has.

Thank you for your response.

I called the ISP to ask them about this and they stated we get private ip addresses. They set my account to receive a public ip. Once this change occured and everything was restarted I got a new ip. Everything matches now and Duckdns shows the correct ip. Everything seems to be working correctly now.

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