Duplicati - Not able to log into WebGUI after changing password


Have anybody had issues with not being able to log in after changing password via WebGui? I am on the latest Docker release.

Recently changed my password and can’t log in anymore. I tried multiple browsers and incognito modes.

I went ahead and used FILE__PASSWORD variable. And pointed it to /tmp/ folder. Can confirm that the file is there with the password when I cat from console.

Also, when container starts I do see this in the logs: [env-init] PASSWORD set from FILE__PASSWORD

But I can’t login…Any ideas would be much appreciated. Bad timing since I am very low on space on my backup jobs…

I don’t believe duplicati supports the PASSWORD variable for changing the webui login.
You need to use –webservice-password=new_password with the CLI_ARGS flag in your compose to change it. Reset Password with --webservice-password doesn't work - #6 by Stephen_McLellan - Support - Duplicati