Errors migrating from letsencrypt to swag

I’m trying to migrate from the LSIO letsencrypt container to swag. I’ve updated the docker-compose.yml. When I run docker-compose up -d --remove-orphans, I get a list of errors for my existing containers, for example:

Creating duckdns   ... error
2b5a7b6474f8ebbc1cbbacb352c28ba9f9". You have to remove (or rename) that container to be able to reuse that name.

ERROR: for duckdns  Cannot create container for service duckdns: Conflict. The container name "/duckdns" is already in use by container "07f821d75b4210834c0e9703468d7c

I would very much prefer not to remove my existing containers. I understand from the manuals that it should be possible to migrate without losing any data.

The docker-compose.yml is here.
output from docker logs swag is here.

Any advice?


It looks like you either have a duplicate compose yaml or you manually created the duckdns container without this yaml.

Also it looks like you didn’t follow the directions properly as I can see you changed the volume mapping to a folder named swag (that will prevent swag from picking up your letsencrypt data)

Thanks! I forgot I had the set up the docker-compose trick with my yml file in /opt/ :confounded:

I copied letsencrypt/ to a swag/ directory, so the volume mapping was correct. Everything working fine now.

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