Exploring a collaboration with balena.io?

Hello, this is Marc developer advocate at balena.io

I’m writing to you because we discovered your services today and we think that all your projects are amazing! Congratulations!

We are building balenaHub and balenaBlocks (check github balenablocks) and we think that some of you projects can be part of the Hub and even blocks straight-forward. Our goal is to help developers to build IoT Edge apps faster with less friction.

Would you like to talk about this to explore how we can collaborate to help developers?

Hey @marc_balena welcome :slight_smile:

Thank you for the kind comments, we’re glad you like what we’re doing here!

Sure we’d be interested in chatting further, are you on our discord or do you have a preferred chat platform?


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Hey @j0nnymoe i’m gy4nt on discord, just logged in before i sent this message!

i’m good with any platform you suggest :slight_smile:

Can’t seem to see you on there @marc_balena - send me a DM on our discord and we will sort out a discussion :slight_smile: