Filename encoding problem with Calibre


I started using the docker-calibre container with the latest image and everything works fine except one thing.

I can’t add books with non-English characters in their filename.
I used the webapp and everything looks fine in the file browser. All accented characters are displayed correctly.
But when I press OK it throws a permission error and in the problem details field it shows all the special chars as question marks.

If I rename the file removing the accented chars the import completes without any problem.

I’m not sure if it’s a calibre, image, docker or environment related issue. I was googling for a while and the only similar problem I could find was locale related. But setting the LANG and LC_ALL environment variables to C.UTF-8 or en_US.UTF-8 didn’t make any difference.

Has anyone experienced the same issue or has any tips what should I try?

I use the latest Docker Desktop (Edge) on Windows 10 and the books are in a mounted folder.

We’re aware of the issue, but no fix yet. It seems to be an openbox issue, which may require us to switch it out for a different filewindow manager altogether

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