[FreshRSS] LS.io Docker changelog mentions "user customized crontab" - How do I access it?

I’m currently trying to change the update interval for FreshRSS, but editing it via “crontab -e” doesn’t work once the container restarts.

Looking over the versions in the Docker page here, it mentions:

31.03.20: - Internalize app and enable updates for existing users, allow user customized crontab.

Neither the Docker page, the LinuxServer.io forum, nor Google have any documentation on how to “allow user customized crontab”. Where is that feature located and how do I access it?


look in the config folder, it’s pretty self explanatory

At first I thought it was the CRON_MIN environment variable from the official FreshRSS Docker image, but that doesn’t seem to work.

Mentioned here.

Also don’t ever EVER run manual commands inside the container unless we tell you to

Thank you! Didn’t know where to look, started to peruse within the container since I didn’t even know where to start.

No problem. With our images, all config is done via either env vars or editing files in the config folder

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