Getting the Labels plugin to change the completed torrent folder when selecting a label

I want to attribute a label to a completed/seeding torrent and have the torrent contents automatically change folders to the one set in the said label.
Is this not how it is suppose to work?

I’ve set the folder in the Label Options → Folders → Apply folder settings (x) → Move completed to (x) → path to folder

Tried several ways and never got it to work.
The maximum it works is if the torrent is still in the process of downloading and when it completes, it does change to the folder to the set label. But I want to change labels (and folders) long after the torrent completes.
Moving folders manually is a pita.

Checked the Label plugin source code and it seems it doesn’t change the directory when the torrent label is changed. Just when the torrent is completing the download. Bummer.
There is the LabelPlus plugin that is suppose to change the folder like I want but the WebUI is not supported right now.