Going from tag preview to tag latest for linuxserver/sonarr generates a startup error

As the preview tag has been deprecated and the latest tag is now installing the V3 version of Sonarr I switched to the latest tag. On startup, however, Sonarr generated the following error " System.ArgumentException: Requested value ‘Docker’ was not found."

When I looked on the Sonarr forums they indicated this occurs when a V2 version of Sonarr is trying to attach to a V3 database. Switching back to the preview tag resolved the issue however I am stuck on a deprecated tag now.

Update the local latest tag on your system before switching over. You likely have an old image tag that docker is using

Wow… should have thought of that myself. I checked and the image I had in the image store was 3 months old. Thanks for taking the time to respond.

how do we do this?

I just tried updating sonarr from. . .

to. . .

it seemed to switch over properly, but when it reloaded the page my settings were reset (was like a fresh install of sonarr)
even though I kept my config folder pointed to the same location

is that normal behavior?

No, it’s not.

Post your docker run or compose yaml before and after the switch. And make sure to pull the image tags to ensure they are up to date

All you need to do is run the command “docker pull linuxserver/sonarr:latest” prior to starting Sonarr. You likely have the same problem I did where Sonarr starts but does not load the database and makes it look like it lost all configuration and history. There is no harm done and updating the latest image will solve it.

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Clarification: you need to pull the latest tag prior to creating the new sonarr container so it’s based on the latest image and not an older existing one.

Yeah… in my case since I was actively running preview I just deleted the existing image and then brought sonarr online…

List images…
sudo docker images

Delete the sonarr:latest image…
sudo docker image rm ccc5618a0777 (or the image id of your sonarr:latest)

Edit your compose profile from preview to latest and start sonarr using docker-compose (assuming you are using docker-compose)…
sudo docker-compose up -d sonarr

This will force it to pull latest and create a new container.

that seems to have helped. it loaded my db just fine when using the develop tag, but using the latest tag kept pulling up an empty sonarr page

running this command in the terminal of unraid seems to have helped. thanks a lot