GPU Transcoding not working in Plex on Unraid

New Unraid server with Fresh Plex install. I had a spare gtx 1060 6GB card laying around so I put it in my new server to allow for 4K transcoding to my Roku devices that have older 1080p TVs attached.

I have the Nvidia driver app installed and I can see on the “Unraid Dashboard” that plex is accessing the GPU. My Roku player gets stuck at the initial 13% and won’t load the movie. It worked only once and never again. I turned on Verbose logging on Plex and started a movie “300” at about 2100 hours from the :“office” Roku player.
Hardware transcoding is enabled in Plex
Any ideas? Not sure how to attach a log file.

you can attach with pastebin or similar. you’ll need to share screenshots of the setup. it will also help to show the output of nvidia-smi from the nvidia docker container and if that shows your gpu, show the same from your plex container.

Here are some screenshots of the setup in Unraid for Plex.

This is a link to the log download from Plex. Plex Logs
Nvidia is not a container, but rather a an app in unraid so I am unable to run the nvidia -smi command you requested.

The movie I tired for the logs was 300 from my “Office Roku”