Guacd container out of date


been a long time fan of linuxserver containers. I recently set up a guacamole stack which contains linuxserver/guacd. While using guacamole I noticed auto-resizing didn’t work, and am pretty sure it’s because guacd is outdated. Latest guacd version is 1.1.0 and your container uses 1.0.0. Would be great if the linuxserver/guacd container could be updated to guacd 1.1.0. Thanks in advance!


I just noticed version history shows ‘bump to 1.1.0’. Tag history shows that linuxserver/guacd used 1.1.0 until 3 months ago (linuxserver/guacd:1.1.0-ls38) and then went back to 1.0.0. Is there a reason for this?

Yeah, we are Ubuntu based (main project Debian)and the freerdp2 libs in Bionic have some kind of weird bug where if connecting to a real windows host it instantly disconnects , we have a functional 1.1.0 guacd in the focalrebase branch of the project , but focal has been unable to be built on armhf since it’s release due to a glibc bug with seccomp.

So basically we expected the focal thing to be fixed by now , considering it has been months and neither Docker nor Ubuntu have made any serious effort towards a resolution we might have to look into back porting stuff during compile.

Alright, thanks for the explanation. I guess I’ll keep using 1.0.0 until that is solved.