Have two download paths on qbittorrent

Hi y’all, I am new on docker & portainer and have managed to install on a RPI 3 the qbittorrent image in my portainer but I would like to know if there’s any chance to have two different paths to download files?

For example, I have “/path/to/downloads” on the sd card which is the location suggested from the image where I pulled the container but I would like to add another path to an external usb drive I want to use, or another location within the sd card, something like “/home/myuser/Downloads”? The problem I am finding is that when I try to add a new volume it doesn’t let me add another one with the “download” name.

If this is not possible, would it be possible to create another image with qbittorrent-bis name? Has anyone tried this before? Thanks in advance for the help

I am using an OS with a desktop interface, if that might help.

You can map as many paths as you like

 - /mnt/external-disk1/downloads:/downloads1
 - /mnt/sdcard/downloads:/downloads2
 - /mnt/nfs-drive/downloads:/downloads3

what you cannot do is use duplicate names. You must also ensure that you configure your clients to use these paths appropriately, if you tell your client to download to /downloads1, all data will go to /mnt/external-disk1/downloads

you can also run as many instances of qbittorrent as you want, just use different service names and container names.

I will note, we do not support or recommend using portainer to deploy containers. It is fine for looking at status and logs though.

Thank you very much for your answer, this seemed kind of complicated since I still don’t manage well CLI so I downloaded qbittorrent as a single application and everything seems to work for now, and I already know how to move the files between different folders with the application Web UI

Thank yuo very much again for the message and the help :slight_smile:

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