Heimdall laravel log

Hi guys,

I am wondering if I can get some advise here. I am running the heimdall container on a Pi which boots from an SD card. The issue at hand is that the laravel logs are geting out of hand - I clear them completely and literally a second later the log is 500KB in size. Now, I know why that is - when I read the log, it says that it is having issues accessing some of the nodes I created. Which is correct, cause some of my servers are not online all the time, but I do not need the fact logged anywhere, especially not on an SD card that’s going to die real soon if this keeps going on.

Now the question is, is there way for me to disable laravel logging within the container?

I read through their documentation and found that there should be a file config/logging.php where one would add a new (null) handler and then modify the .env file to use that. However, I do not see any logging.php anywhere in the container. Tried creating it and modifying .env accordingly with no change in the behavior. I also found some info about modifying bootstrap/app.php which I’d rather not have as a solution, but gave it a try anyway. Still no joy, keeps generating huge logs.

Any advise appreciated!