Heimdall not working through swag reverse proxy

Sonarr and Radarr are working fine through swag reverse proxy as a start.

My heimdall subdomain conf file:

My heimdall container is set up to be in the same network as swag with ports 8008 and 12443
I have tried to change the upstream_port to different ports (remembering to change in container aswell) as well as change to the other port (12443)
I also tried to change the proto in the file to https (that was the default from the sample

I’m only getting a 502 Bad Gateway error

I ran into this problem with nginx-proxy-manager due to a .env variable I didn’t know about in my Heimdall container. The fix for me was to edit line 5 in data/www/.env for Heimdall from http://localhost to https://your.domain.com and restart container.

Sadly from me this just made the local ip version a mess and did nothing to fix my problem

Access your heimdall instance via your proxy internally?

I can access heimdall via the local ip by simply clicking in unraid to open web-ui. So the heimdall container itself works.
How to do this internally via my proxy I’m unsure as of how to do… its my first time messing with reverse proxy.