Heimdall stopped working

I’ve been using Heimdall for quite a while with no issues but today noticed that it’s stopped working. When I visit the page I get:

@extends('layouts.app') @section('content') @include('partials.search') @if($apps->first()) @include('sortable') @else

{!! __('app.dash.no_apps', [ 'link1' => ''.__('app.dash.link1').'', 'link2' => ''.__('app.dash.link2').'' ]) !!}
@endif @endsection

I’ve restarted and made sure I’m up-to-date and there’s hints in the Docker logs or nginx logs; error.log is empty, access.log just shows my requests to load it.


I just checked Discord and see that this is a known issue.

So what was the solution?

There will be a new version released soon.

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Workaround is to not use the latest tag, the tag prior works still.

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