Help re-installing Nexcloud on UnRAID server


I recently changed the motherboard and CPU on my UnRAID server. Somehow, operator error I’m sure, I managed to uninstall my Docker containers, but my shares and other configurations successfully carried over. I’ve been trying to no avail to (re) install Nextcloud. I previously installed and set it up following Spaceinvader One’s video. This time, after I set up the mariadb database and nextcloud share, I keep getting errors during the first setup in the nextcloud web UI. I’ve got a few different errors, but after uninstalling everything multiple times, I am consistently getting the following errors:

The first time I create my admin username and password and enter the database information, it will eventually give
“504 Gateway Time-out

Then, I try again, and I get,
" Error

Error while trying to initialise the database: The column ‘mount_id’ on table ‘oc_mounts’ already exists.

Create an admin account"

It seems to me that it’s partially creating an account the first time, which is why it gives the error that it already exists the second time. But I can’t figure out why it’s doing this. I am not sure where to look for errors, and am frustrated that it’s doing this, consistently, on a new install of the containers. Any help or suggestions will be greatly appreciated!