Help with registry

Hi y’all, I am new at docker/portainer and linux server sel host so please apologies if this question is kinda dumb but my knowledge on this is really basic and I checked on the search bar and couldn’t find anything similar

Please, how can I add the register lscr-io to pull images from

For example, I am trying to add the qbittorrent portainer from Docker or from some portainer template I have found, and I have seen it pulls from lscr-io instead of docker-io

I have gone to portainer-registries to add a new register but I have some doubts:

Please, which registry type provider should I choose? ‘Docker Hub’ or ‘Custom registry’?

In case is Docker Hub And should I register myself on hub-docker-com and my password would be the username token?

Or should I use ‘Custom Registry’? In that case where could I found the username/password at linuxserver-io?

Thank you everyone for your time!

You don’t need to add a registry that way. All of our images are publicly listed. You do not need to be logged into any registry accounts.

We also do not recommend (or support) portainer for managing docker containers.

We recommend docker compose: Docker Compose -

Thank you very much for your answer, really appreciate it :slight_smile:

I do prefer to use container for now since it seems easier to me and my knowledge in coding/terminal commands is very low

Will definitely check the docker compose tutorial you provided for sure, thank you again