Hi to everyone i need support with Sabnzbd please

Hi to everyone

I only just got Sabnzbd install and its not working as its not unpacking the files I requested

could someone please be able to help me and re confits this docker image with me install and config

please I

Post the command you used to create the container

Hi thanks for the Reply

This is what I tried to follow


We need exact command that you tried. Posting the link to what you followed isn’t enough.

@J0nnymoe I have no idea I follow that link and add it to docker I didn’t use Command for this I have no idea how to use Putty or any of it i’m asking for help how to set it up if anyone can help me install and config it via remote desktop as what I did didn’t work

Giving details of what hardware/operating system you’re trying to install it on first would help.