Home Assistant - difference between the tags


Maybe this is something know but I started to use the Linuxserver image just in these days.
My question is: what it’s the difference between the tags that there are for each single release?

I mean, for example for the Home Assistant for each release there’s:

  • 2013.1.3
  • version-2023.1.3
  • 2023.1.3-ls113

I want to deploy my docker by specify the version, so without use the “latest” tag.

So, what it’s the most correct tag to use?


2023.1.3-ls113 is the unique tag for each build
version-2023.1.3 is the tag with our build number stripped, so it’s updated when we push a new build for the same version (ie. 2023.1.3-ls114, if there is one, will overwrite that tag)
2013.1.3 is a pseudo semver version but it’s not super reliable as it makes a bunch of assumptions that may not always be true

ok, thanks!