Home Assistant - Python upgrade? 3.11.6 to 3.12?

Hello all

I’ve just updated the Home Assistant docker to 2014.2, and have received the following warning:

“Support for running Home Assistant in the current used Python version 3.11.6 is deprecated and will be removed in Home Assistant 2024.4. Please upgrade Python to 3.12 to prevent your Home Assistant instance from breaking.”

Seeing as my unRaid server reports running Python 3.9.16, I guess the above is something to do with the container?

Not sure though, so any help would be appreciated

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Hi @Jazmodo ,
Same situation on my newly installed docker with Home Assistant. Everything seems to work, but this error persists in the log file each time I reboot HA.

So I wait with you, if someone will post what to do, to get rid of this.

I do not even know, if this has / will have an impact in the near future?


if you are getting the python error, it sounds like you’re not on latest

Hmm … I’ll check … But this error apeared on the very first run of my docker compose … with latest referenced …

I will repull and re-deploy. But as I already did this, I am quite sure, this Python message will reapear …

For me, just to be sure … The Home Assistant docker image checks the Python version installed “locally” in the docker image, or does this Home Assistant docker image use the docker host Python?

In my case, running docker on a ProxMox v8 cluster … if this may have an impact on this versioning.?

I’ll repost, as I’ve made this test.

Thanks @driz for this fast post :wink: … Apreciated.

Our container has the latest python, I would make sure however you’re managing your containers is updating them correctly: docker-homeassistant/package_versions.txt at 3f610b4966101e5b28d0184f666bcbaae5f84cf7 · linuxserver/docker-homeassistant · GitHub

Hi all …

As you were super fast in replying, I immediately checked my docker compose … Indeed, I did NOT have the :latest attribute to download the neweset image! :frowning: … My pitty … I was too fast … and presumed that my Home Assistant docker compose Template in portainer was setup correctly …

Mea culpa, mea maxima culpa :wink:

HA is now running without any Warning …

Thanks to all, and sorry for taking your precious time …

Thanks for all the superb work linuxserver.io is doing on all these solutions.

Greetings from Grand-Duchy of Luxembourg


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Figured I would chime in, I also had this issue until I pulled the most updated container from today. No issues now with python.

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