Host multiple websites using linuxserver/letsencrypt

I installed the linuxserver/letsencrypt container and installed WordPress in it. All working just fine.

I know that the option EXTRA_DOMAINS=extradomains allows me to host additional domains under the same container, but where do I place the actual website files for the second domain? Under which path will the second domain be served?

Is the path to each domain’s files, something that can be defined during the container installation?

For example, the same way I define EXTRA_DOMAINS=domain1,domain2, can I also define paths to the files for each domain?


You’ll have to modify the nginx site conf to create additional server blocks that resemble the default one, but have the server name defined appropriately for the additional domains.

You can place their files anywhere in the config folder, I recommend /config/domain1-www and then set the root path to it in the nginx site conf

ok, thanks, that worked