How can I scan my library for metadata? don't understand

Hi, I have been using calibre-web via docker-compose for some time with the default metadata.php file, so I could download books online and convert them from epub to pdf while on the phone, that was my use case. But now I connected my external hdd to my pi and I would like to have all the books that this drive contains available on calibre-web. so I added the line in docked-compose file so my drive can be read from the container.

I can’t seem to generate a metadata.php file on my gui-less pi. So I connected the drive back to my windows pc, generated the file from desktop calibre, and put it along with the books in that external drive, which I then set as the library location on calibre-web.

Now I can see the book titles (without images) on calibre-web, but can’t view or download them, so I guess I did something wrong, maybe because the metadata.php file was generated on windows?

Can anyone point me in the right direction?

I do not recall this being a function of calibre-web, to mass edit/update metadata. You would need to check the calibre-web documentation to confirm. I personally use calibre for this.

in your second sentence, you seem to indicate you dont have a library and want a bunch of books to show up which indicates you did not read the calibre-web documentation. cw expects an existing database to be provided, you can then add books individually or use calibre to mass add.

that all said, we support the container, not the application within. I encourage you to review the documentation for the application you wish to use.

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