How docker-swag works (Forward auth)?

hello everyone… I’m a bit confused reading th eproject description on github I get how the user gets authenticated. But I don’t really get how my services can be configured?

so when I want to login to let’s say:

or Nextcloud or anything with a pretty basic “username+password” login, what do I need to do so it automatically logs me in to the app after I login to “swag”?

is it somehow possible to use swag also on SMTP/IMAP or WebDav? or is it http/s only?

The auth methods we provide in swag by default sit in front of your app on the nginx side and won’t log you in to the app (they just let nginx ale it deny the reverse proxy). However, (depending on the app), you can do that by setting the correct headers that nginx passes to the app. I’m not too familiar with those but I’ve seen plenty of messages from folks setting it up that way on our discord.

Also, SWAG is nginx under the hood and can reverse proxy tcp via the stream module.

sounds interesting enough to try it out… is there a specific place where people share their config?
or do you know who I can hit up with this, so I can document it on this forum maybe…