How to check if I am running on latest image version?


I am writing to inquire about the functionality of checking for new Docker image versions mainly within Portainer and OMV Compose. I currently use these tools to manage my Docker containers and monitor their respective image versions.

It is crucial for me to stay informed about the availability of newer images, even if it’s just for planning future updates. However, I have encountered issues with the integrated image checking functionality in both Portainer and OMV.

Specifically, I have observed that the image check feature within Portainer has not been working for the past month. Additionally, I believe the image check on OMV has never functioned correctly with .

I am also using diun as a alternative, but it is not as conveniant as checking in a web interface if everything is allright.

Given the lack of a reliable solution within these existing tools, and assuming the current issues are unlikely to be resolved, I would like to suggest exploring other options. Ideally, I would like to see an open or standardized API or a simple HTTP call implemented that allows me to check for newer versions of specific image tags (primarily those tagged as “latest”).

I appreciate your time and consideration of this request. Please let me know if you have any questions or require further information from me.

Thanks !

Duin is what we would suggest to users to use for update notifications. Outside of that, if you’re using tools such as portainer/omw, you need to suggest to them to improve their functionality.

Most our users use unraid or diun and have no issues getting update notifications.

Where could I find the specification to get the list of images and check for current and latest versions, so that I can contribute to these other projects ? You know, that opensource spirit. Thanks !

So plain requests ?

diun will tell you if there are updates, github has a readme for every container telling you how to get current versions and it plainly shows the latest version. github pull requests are how you would contribute

And do you know if there is any difference between ?

Thanks !

there isn’t any difference

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Yes, this is why I am asking.
I have been switching to as advised, but is seems that as a registry it does not behaves like is, in order to be able to comply for image checks for third party software.
I will need to check which requests are blocked, but this is the main cause of my issue here.
Something has been modified recently on that still is working on

Should work no differently as the likes of docker-compose/diun have no issues with it. scarf just forwards on the request.

We do not know what you are using to help you determine what is causing your issue. We are not experiencing any issues and publish concurrently to (which points to and docker hub. We have provided as much info as we are able based on your input, if you’d like assistance resolving your local issue, I would suggest #other-support on our discord.

I will do so.

This is not “my local issue”, I am asking as I am running a youtube channel of consumers of images that are telling me that “it is not working” when dealing with portainer, openmediavault and other tools like that.

So I am investigating what “is not working” in order to solve this issue.


Would just like to note that we don’t support nor recommend portainer for deployment of our containers: LinuxServer Support Policy - .

I will also add that openmediavault is just a web ui on debian. many of our community use debian and have no issues. I’ll further add that “it is not working” is never useful information.

also, an additional note, if users are running pihole/adguard, this might be causing a problem: Frequently Asked Questions -

It has just been brought to my attention that possibly due to some AWS regions in use by scarf and their geo load balancing, there are 503s on requests coming from Europe and Asia. As you may know, half our team is in Europe and havent experienced this, but another member made us aware of this.

Yes, I am aware that portainter is not recommended. But it remains a standard web ui for deploying docker compose services, so I see no reason on my side to discourage using it. Moreover to non technical people which are used to synology or qnap UIs.

About openmediavault, here is a “it is not working” information I received:

I guess it has nothing to do with the and from portainer. I will double check with the dev from OMV but I guess the image check has never been finished for github

I hope you all underdstood why “it is not working” is in quotes when I write “it is not working”, of course this is a very useful information, but this is a very poor information to identify what is not working and what is the reason why it is not working. But again, when dealing with non technical users, this is a starting point that can lead to a user misconfiguration … or a real issue!

i would suggest that if a user has yolo blocked scarf with their adblocker (per j0nny’s link) or is being impacted by the aws regions in use for geo load balancing, they should use or linuxserver/

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