How to ignore Synology NAS invisible '@eaDir' files within Piwigo?


Does anyone know how best to ignore the invisible @eaDir file of Synology NAS in Piwigo?

These invisible files are automatically generated by Synology DSM and under normal circumstances are invisible in some cases, but unfortunately Piwigo sees these files and when synchronizing photos, these thums files are also synchronized. I then have to login to my NAS via ssh each time and manually delete them and then sync them again and only then will they be removed from piwigo.

It would be helpful if piwigo can ignore these types of files by default if they are present in a folder.

This is how to solve this annoying problem for anyone who is facing the same issues on Synology NAS.

Go to and find:

// folders name excluded during synchronization $conf['sync_exclude_folders'] = array( );
add the folders you need to be excluded, in my case @eaDir

It should look like this:

// folders name excluded during synchronization $conf['sync_exclude_folders'] = array('@eaDir');
After this no more syncing those annoying folders :grinning: