How to install SABNZBD on QNAP container station

Dear Linux Server community,

Nice to be part of this community, today I have made my first attempt in understanding docker and containzation. I took a couple docker tutorials from their offical website. As a step by step to ultimately install SABNZBD on QNAP.

So then I saw an toturial on how to set up containers on QNAP by using TVHeadend image. I have tried going through this excerise to no avail but with SABNZBD container. Despite that there is no similar topic on the internet to assist me. Therefore, I would appreicate any suggestions from QNAP owners so that I can better undertand before wasting my time.

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Where does it break for you?

Today I had time and bit of investigative work. I was able to get it to work on my QNAP. And got impressive speeds of 60 MB down. I believe the issue was the port configuration as now I choose a different port (8085:8080) so that I can access on 8085.

Now on Im wondering how to move the /downloads to a different network folder with read/write permission. As I can no longer add to the shared folders section? Is it normal that it creates two docker locations (is this for temporary locations)

Thank you

I have now solved the issue. I just remount it again and it works. Thank you for your efforts in making these standardized.